Who Is Eligible For Work Comp In Indiana?


The purpose of an insurance program is to protect the covered person against specific risks. Most workers in Indiana are covered by a Work Comp program. The program is financed by the employer so that the employee can benefit when injured or falls sick at work. It also protects the employee’s family in case the employee dies due to work-related issues. Since the employer is the one who has to apply for the cover on behalf of the employee,it’s necessary to know if you are eligible or not.

Who Can Apply for Work Comp and Who Can’t?

Actually,all employees are eligible for getting Work Comp in Indiana. The only exceptions are:

• Federal workers: They are covered by Federal Comp Program.
• Sole Proprietors and Partners: They can only be included in the program upon special request.
• Real Estate Consultant and Independent Contractors: They are not considered company employees and thus are not a responsibility of the employer.
• Volunteers: Since they are not paid by the employer,they are also not covered while working.

What Happens to Those Who Are Ineligible for Work Comp?

If you are ineligible for Work Comp,the Department of Revenue provides you a Worker’s Comp Exemption Certificate. Nonetheless,you have to be a taxpayer. Some of the requirements that you have to meet include:

• Keep your file returns up to date
• Pay all your outstanding delinquencies
• Dully fill Form WCE-1

In case you don’t qualify for Work Comp or the Exemption Certificate,then you have no option but to cater for your medical expenses and other costs associated with suffering an injury.

As a worker,getting Work Comp in Indiana may be one of the most sensible things that you’ll do in your working/career life,but you might need a work accident attorney in order to get the benefits you deserve. Remember,you are not the only one protected but your family too.

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