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Who Do Businesses Go To for Mobile Medical Units?

Workplace health is a hot topic today. For companies where health and safety is a priority,there must be a system in place to ensure the well-being of employees,and prevent disease risks before they even show up.

Granted,when these companies are good at what they’re good at,it may be burdensome to take on the task of implementing a health and safety plan for compliance,maintenance and prevention on their own. This is where medical outsourcing comes into play.

Licensed medical outsourcing companies will be able to provide testing and examination above and beyond the basic healthcare that the employees can access on their own right. In addition,they will be able to deploy fully-stocked mobile units to the workplaces so the tests can take place on-site.

unidades medicas moviles Edo Mexservices in demand in Mexico include the following:


Spirometry tests the lungs,including how much air one can breathe in and out of their lungs,and how quickly they do so.

It is used to measure breathing patterns and check if employees have any health conditions that affect respiratory function. These can include asthma,COPD,pulmonary fibrosis,or cystic fibrosis. If one is already diagnosed with one of these conditions,spirometry can be used to test how severe the existing condition is.

Spirometry is especially important in workplaces that require respirators,or where there is a potential risk of breathing hazards. This can provide opportunities for risk mitigation and elimination.


Audiometry tests a person’s hearing ability,and is used to diagnose hearing loss. Noise is also of special concern in certain occupations; early noise reduction will help prevent long-term hearing loss in the employees.

Periodic Tests

In Mexico,companies are required to undergo an annual periodic medical assessment of their employees. It is a lot easier when the company relies on a medical outsourcing service,which has all the expertise and experience necessary to

  • diagnose medical conditions in a timely,effective and accurate manner;

  • identify,based on health patterns,if there is a certain risk or hazard in the workplace;

  • recommend measures to reduce and prevent these risks and hazards

  • recommend best health practices for the employees and how they should continue their work.

Employment Exams

Employees may also need to be tested as they are hired and upon their entry into the workplace,to assess potential health conditions that could limit their ability to work in the condition รข essentially,ensure they are of sound mind and body to undergo their duties.

The Benefits of Mobile Medical Units

When you have a medical outsourcing company installunidades medicas moviles CDMX at your workplace,it means that health and testing services are available to you 24/7. If and when someone needs to be checked urgently,the service is available at their disposal. Best of all,with a highly-rated company,the employee will have the confidence that accurate results will be available to them in a more than reasonable amount of time.

If you find it a challenge to meet health compliance needs and maintain the well-being of workers at your company,leave the health of your employees in the hands of a trusted medical service outsourcer,especially https://www.serviciomedicoempresas.com/unidades-medicas-moviles.html.

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